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    So, someone requested this awesome song. Though I have my colds, I still tried to cover this. There. It sucks tho. XD

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    Eff You~ Eff You, Eff You Very Much. ♪♫♪

    So last time, I was so worried with a friend of mine. We’re not really that close but at some time, she has been one of my close friends. So I told her that “Parang mukha kang problemado lately.” with a worried tone.

    And what she said shook me to the core. Well, not really. She said: “Bakit? Sinasabi ko ba sa’yo yung mga problema ko para problemahin yon? Bakit, may natutulong ka ba? Wala naman diba?” Something like this.

    And then she laughed. Joke lang daw. But I really think she’s not joking tho.


    That night, what she said kept playing on my mind. I was talking to myself. “Seryoso kaya siya or what?” As in I couldn’t get some sleep when I know she’s mad at me or maybe I offended her.

    So kanina, I was with my friend Anna. Nilibri niya ako ng Sisig sa SU. Yaaay! ♥ Aside from that, napag-usapan namin yung sinabi ni friend last night. I asked her if she think she’s serious. And she said yes. Even though she laughed and said it’s a joke. I was like…

    And then right now, as I was browsing my twitter, her tweet shocked me. She tweeted what we talked about. And then I knew that she was serious about it. Honestly, nainis ako. Ng sobra. Bakit hindi niya na lang sinabi na i-ignore ko na lang siya kesa naman sa ganun.

    I told my sister about it `coz she noticed me talking to Berting (my laptop) like a madman. She too felt annoyed to this friend and told me to just ignore it. And also this…

    And right now, now that I think about it, that is true. Pero meron pa rin namang mga tao na tanggap ka at nagpapakatotoo sa UP. Kaya lang I have to agree on my sister on this. Dito talaga sa college, you’ll learn to survive ALL BY YOURSELF.

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    Hi guys. Please do check out my soundcloud. Just made it today! Wee~ My songs would mostly be KPOP songs. Specifically, YG Family songs.

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